Cotuit Kettleers vs Harwich Mariners

Top 1st

Harwich gets the first run of the game taking a 1-0 lead over Cotuit. They score another run

Harwich 2, Cotuit 0

Bottom 1st

Coltyn Kessler ties the game up on a 2 RBI triple

Harwich 2, Cotuit 2

Bottom 2nd

Cam Hill gives Cotuit the lead hitting a RBI single

Cotuit 3, Harwich 2

Bottom 4th

Cam Williams blasts a HR to right field

Cotuit 5, Harwich 2

Bottom 5th

Oraj Anu kills a fastball over the centerfield scoreboard for a 2 run HR

Cotuit 7, Harwich 2

Top 6th

Harwich gets a run

Cotuit 7, Harwich 3

Top 8th

Harwich gets two more runs

Cotuit 7, Harwich 5

Final Cotuit 7, Harwich 5

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