Latest NBA Mock Draft After AD Trade

The Kentucky success in the draft is evident. With 9 more lottery picks over the second place team (Duke) and most first round draft picks by the same margin, Cal has seen his guys get paid at a steady rate.

The NBA Draft is this Thursday and we have a chance to add to those numbers with PJ Washington, Tyler Herro, and Keldon Johnson all projected to go in the middle of the first round. The breakdown of each player’s draft stock according to some of the top sports sites out there looks like this:

PJ Washington

Yahoo: 9 (Washington Wizards)
SI: 12 (Charlotte Hornets)
CBS/ESPN: 13 (Miami Heat)
Bleacher Report: 15 (Detroit Pistons)

Keldon Johnson

SI: 15 (Detroit Pistons)
Yahoo/Bleacher Report/ESPN: 18 (Indiana Pacers)
CBS: 19 (San Antonio Spurs)

Tyler Herro

SI: 13 (Miami Heat)
ESPN: 14 (Boston Celtics)
CBS: 15 (Detroit Pistons)
Bleacher Report: 20 (Boston Celtics)
Yahoo: 23 (Utah Jazz)

Cal will be sitting in the green room with his three “sons” and BBN will get to watch more entries into the NBA by Wildcats. I’m really excited about this Thursday and would love some ideas for a places to watch the draft!

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