NBA Offseason Moves and the Kentucky Players Impacted

The big talk so far in the world of Kentucky players in the NBA is of course Anthony Davis joining Lebron. On June 15th AD was traded to the Lakers in exchange for the long term future that Los Angeles had. This may be the best for LA considering they have Lebron who wants to win at all cost and now they have three big pieces with Kyle Kuzma as the third. They will be looking to bring in a guard during the free agency period to complete a strong starting lineup. In my opinion the depth of LA will be a problem next year but I’m excited for AD to be on a team with a real chance of making the playoffs and doing well in the postseason.

There’s also been a big buzz around AD declining his $4 million trade kicker so that LA can sign another max contract. To me this is a move that makes sense for everyone involved. AD will get that money, just off the books. There’s talk about his role in the upcoming Space Jam 2. Davis also convinced Lebron to give up the number he wore last year and will be rocking 23 again.

Julius Randle made news yesterday after he agreed to sign with the New York Knicks for $63 million over three years. The duo of Knox and Randle will be one to watch and add RJ Barrett to the mix and this could be interesting. New York is still pursuing some of the top free agents on the market with plenty of cap room to make something happen but it’s expected by some for them to save some of that cap room for next year’s free agents.

This morning Jamal Murray got a big pay day when Denver agreed to a 5 year max contract extension worth $170 million. This is huge for the Blue Arrow and it looks like he’ll be a key piece in Denver for the immediate future.

Enes Kanter has drawn a lot of attention after his performance late in the season when taking over the starting role after Jusuf Nurkic had his gruesome injury. Kanter recently made headlines when he took a shot at Julius Randle while praising Zion Williamson and saying that Zion was Randle with hops.

In league news, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving will team up in Brooklyn next year according to reports and this Instagram post:

Jimmy Butler looks to be going to Miami, Kemba Walker looks to take over Kyrie’s spot in Boston, and D’Angelo Russell is looking like he will be joining the Warriors. There is still plenty of moves to be made and we will send out updates as often as we can here on ukfansallday!

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