Son of Former Wildcat Could be Possible 2020 Recruit

Jamal Mashburn was one of the if not the greatest players to play for Pitino during his tenure at Kentucky. His son Jamal Mashburn Jr. is getting ready to graduate from high school at Brewster Academy in Miami and is turning a lot of heads in recruiting circles. He holds offers from Florida, Miami, UConn, Florida State Ohio State and Louisville among others. He is a 6 foot shooting guard that has a great stroke and it’s getting noticed.

It’s not clear whether there is interest in Kentucky on his part or on Kentucky’s, he is ranked in the 80-110 range in overall prospects on various recruits sites. It is clear that Mashburn Jr. has big aspirations though, during an interview he stated that “One of my goals is have my grades be good enough for Harvard, injuries can happen, and one day the ball is going to stop dribbling. But I want to have longevity as far as my mind.” He talked about how his dad is a businessman and how he’d like to learn the trade himself. I personally would love to see him in Blue and White but either way I will enjoy watching him show out on a bigger stage in college.

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