Kentucky vs. George Mason Live Blog

Kentucky traveled to Fairfax, VA to take on George Mason University to get their first win of the 2019 season after getting their second tie of the season when they faced Western Kentucky University in Lexington.

9: Goal, Kentucky! Hannah Richardson nets her first collegiate goal! (1-0) Kentucky

11: George Mason equalizes (1-1) Kayla Hamric neutralizes any momentum Kentucky had with an immediate response.

30: Goal, Kentucky. (2-1) Kentucky. Julia Grosso with a beauty of a strike.

32:  George Mason ties it up again (2-2), Kolbrun Eyjolfsdottir equalizes off of a corner.

We are deadlocked at 2-2 at halftime

47: Goal, Kentucky! Jordyn Rhodes breaks the deadlock and Kentucky takes the lead (3-2) Kentucky

65: Goal, Kentucky. Valdis Bjorg Sigurbjornsdottir with an unreal free-kick and it is in! (4-2) Kentucky

Kentucky will head back to Lexington with their first win of the season! Kentucky is now 1-0-2

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