7 Kentucky vs. 23 Cal Poly: Utah Tournament

Kentucky starts out the game against Cal Poly with a string of 5 points in a row, Mustangs burn their first time out. Wildcats with a 6-3 lead in the opening set, Leah Edmond with three kills already. A cross court kill from Alli Stumler stretches the Kentucky lead to 22-18. Edmond, Skinner, Meyer, Paris, and Stumler all with multiple kills for Kentucky in the opening set.

Kentucky takes Set 1: 25-21 Kentucky 1-0

Kentucky races out to an early 7-1 lead in the second set, including winning the last six points in a row, Mustangs with a time out. Kentucky stretches their lead to 15-4 here in the second set.  Lilley is up to 17 assists in the match, and Edmond and Stumler both have 5+ kills so far. It’s a 6-0 UK run punctuated by kills from Lilley, Stumler and Skinner in the last 3 points, they are up to a 23-9 lead.

Kentucky closes the set on an 8-0 run. Kentucky takes Set 2: 25-9 Kentucky is up 2-0.

Stumler is up to 10 kills in this match, leading Kentucky with a .417 hitting average. Wildcats with a 15-12 lead here in the third set, this has been the tightest set so far. Leah Edmond caps the first win of the season with her 13th kill of the match.

Kentucky takes Set 3: 25-20 and wins 3-0 over Cal Poly.

Kentucky will take on Utah later today.

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