NBA Cats News: Boogie and Darius Miller Edition

So, by now most of you have heard the awful news about the Lakers new center Demarcus Cousins and this recorded conversation with his child’s mother. My take on this is that a warrant has been issued but he has not been indicted. We need to do better in the media of keeping with the innocent until proven guilty. Unless we are the judge over this case or the jury if this goes down that path. Obviously the evidence we’ve heard makes this look like he is guilty but we should allow the process to take place.

Other news dropped yesterday concerning Darius Miller. Unfortunately, Miller suffered a ruptured achilles tendon while playing 3 on 3. The timeline looks like it could be 7-8 months before he gets back to action. This comes off the heels (no pun intended) of Miller signing his largest contract of his career with the Pelicans.

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