7 Kentucky vs. Saint Mary’s: Utah Tournament

Kentucky closes out the Utah Tournament against Saint Mary’s.

Kentucky is all over the Gaels early and has a 12-5 lead. Leah Edmond with four kills. It’s a 5-0 run for the Wildcats now with a 20-9 lead, Edmonds up to 6 kills and Lilley has 9 assists.

Kentucky takes Set 1- 25-14

Kentucky 1-0

A 4-0 run in the second set for the Wildcats, they have 9-5 lead and force the Gaels into a timeout. Edmond and Cooper lead with seven and six kills. Kentucky up to an 18-12 lead here in the second set.

Kentucky takes Set 2: 25-14

Kentucky 2-0

Kentucky starts the third set with a 5-0 run and an 11-7 lead. Leah Meyer and Madison Lilley have tag teamed two-straight blocks at the net and Kentucky has stretched their lead to 18-10. Kentucky up to 22-18 as Maddie Berezowitz makes her NCAA debut for Kentucky.

Final #7 Kentucky 3, St. Mary’s 0

Kentucky finishes the Utah Tournament 2-1

Kentucky travels to Iowa to participate in the UNI Tournament September 6th & 7th

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