Kentucky vs. Eastern Michigan Post Game Thoughts

Kentucky got the win to move to 2-0. We played well in most areas of the game with our offensive line being the best performing group. The only thing people care about right now though is Terry’s knee. Wilson went down in the 3rd quarter after scrambling and getting brought down with a horse collar tackle. Stoops said in his post game interview that it was a significant injury but they will do a MRI so that we know for sure. Sawyer Smith came in and played well and even put up two touchdowns through the air. Our running game was solid with Smoke coming out as our leading rusher. Wagner had another good game with two pass interference calls and 3 catches for 71 yards and 1 touchdown. Defensively everyone was solid and no one really shined as a great performer. Kash Daniel came up with a interception and made some good tackles. If I had to give a game ball out to someone on the defense though it would have to be Jordan Griffin. He had a sack and a interception tonight! We have Florida coming to town next week and we’ll have to get Sawyer Smith ready for that game. I’m excited to see what our offense looks like and I’m hopeful that Smith will jump right in to what Terry was doing and move us right along.

I’ll have more on the Terry Wilson injury whenever we hear the results of the MRI. Until then, good win tonight and GO CATS!

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