Wildcats and Musketeers draw for Third season straight

17th ranked Kentucky hosted 11th ranked Xavier at the Wendell & Vickie Bell Soccer Complex in Lexington.

Neither team can seem to score until Xavier breaks the silence and gets the first goal of the game at 43 minutes right before halftime. Derrick Otim rips a shot outside the box and finds the upper corner of the net scoring the first goal. Xavier 1, Kentucky 0. Despite the score on the board, Kentucky leads the shot count 4-1. Xavier’s goalkeeper has two saves on the night. Xavier is up 2-0 after Enrique Facusse dives for the save, with a rebound and score from Karsen Henderlong.  Kentucky gets their first goal of the game at 58 minutes. Xavier 2, Kentucky 1. Just ten minutes after Kentucky’s first goal, we score again thanks to Bailey Rouse. It is tied up at 2-2. We go into overtime as neither team scored and we are tied at 2-2 after 90 minutes. We have reached 100 minutes and not a goal from either team. The last two meetings between these teams have ended in ties.

Final #11 Xavier 2, #17 Kentucky 2 2OT

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