Kentucky vs. Mississippi State Post Game Thoughts

One became two again. Last year it was Georgia and Tennessee. This year is Florida and Mississippi State. In order for Kentucky to not end up backsliding, they will need to win every game left on the schedule except Georgia. It’s definitely doable but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. South Carolina on the road is a game that the Gamecocks will be looking for revenge and Kentucky will not go down there and get an easy win.

Let’s talk about the game and how we ended up losing this disheartening nightmare. The game started off about as bad as it could with Sawyer Smith’s lone interception starting the scoring off as Willie Gay Jr. returned the pick for a touchdown. The offensive line did not look as sharp as they had in the past games and they let the Bulldogs get to Sawyer Smith 3 times in the 1st half. They fixed that in the 2nd half and didn’t allow another sack but I believe the damage was done by that point Sawyer Smith never really seemed settled in this game and even played with a banged up shoulder and made some decent plays towards the end of the game. The defense was in that same boat and played horrible in the 1st half and played a lot better in the 2nd half.

Garrett Shrader and Kylin Hill were great for Mississippi State and really drove this game home for the Bulldogs. Shrader was efficient enough as a passer to allow the run game to move the ball and Kylin Hill punched the drives through with 3 touchdowns. Before the game I said that Kentucky would win due to it’s run defense. Turns out that’s why we lost. Shrader led the team in rushing yards with 125 yards and Hill tacked on 120 of his own. The linebacker play for Kentucky was not were it was in the past games and not having TJ Carter in the 1st half definitely hurt.

Moving on, South Carolina will be ready to snap the streak we have started against them and Kentucky will have to come ready to play. The good news is that we didn’t have a targeting call this week and that means everyone will be available to play. Speaking of targeting, that hit against Allen Dailey was targeting and the fact that they took that call back but our guys can hit someone in the chest and we get flagged is ridiculous!

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