15 Kentucky rallies 12 Florida to extend SEC win streak to 29!

15th ranked Kentucky rallied back to defeat 12th ranked Florida 3-2, to have a streak of 29 SEC wins since 2017. With this win they move to 4-0 in SEC and are the only team.

Kentucky is up 6-1 and is hitting 1.000 early in the first set here at Memorial. Wildcats are on fire with a 13-4 lead over the Gators. Leah Edmond already has five kills. Kentucky takes the first set 25-12 over Florida. Gators lead in the second set as the Cats trail 12-8 and they take the second set to even it up, 25-19. Florida starts the third set just like they did with a 15-13 lead over the Cats on a 4-0 run. Leah Edmond leads with 13 kills, Stumler has 9 digs and Curry has 11 digs herself. Madison Lilley with 25 assists in the match leading all players. Gators extend their lead to 20-17, and take the third set, 25-22 and the lead over Kentucky. Wildcats with a fast start in the fourth set, and leading Florida 12-8. It is all Kentucky as they lead 22-14 and take the fourth set, 25-19 to force a fifth set. Wildcats start with a 4-0 lead in the fifth. They extend it to 8-3 as Leah Edmond gets her 17th kill of the game. Kentucky takes the fifth set 15-8 to rally back to defeat 12 Florida.

Final 15 Kentucky 3, 12 Florida 2

Kentucky hosts Georgia at Memorial Coliseum this Friday.

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