XFL Draft Will Feature Some Former Wildcats

The XFL will be holding it’s inaugural draft on October 15th and 16th. They have been releasing the names of the players in the draft pool this week and there are some names Kentucky may know from their college days.

Jon Toth, Garrett Johnson, Austin MacGinnis, Adrian Middleton, Kayaune Ross, Farrington Huguenin, and Bunchy Stallings will all have a chance to show their skills in a professional environment in the reborn XFL. Austin MacGinnis and Kayaune Ross have both went down this road before with the AAF which did not finish it’s first season due to financial situations. The season will kickoff on February 8th on ABC and conclude with it’s championship game on April 26th on ESPN. This opportunity is huge for anyone who gets to play in this league and may lead to a future spot on a NFL roster.

Here’s a list of all the names released so far:

The draft will not be televised but each pick will be announced on Twitter and Instagram. Over the two days of this draft each team will be assigned a top tier quarterback before the 5 phases of their draft format. Inside those phases will be 10 rounds in a snake format. Those 5 phases are as follows:

  1. Skill Players (QB, RB, WR, TE)
  2. Offensive Line (OT, OG, OC)
  3. Defensive Front Seven (DL, LB)
  4. Defensive Backfield (CB, NB, SS, FS)
  5. Open Draft (all remaining players after positional drafts, in addition to P/K/LS)

So, looks like we will see the majority of our guys selected in the first few phases. The DC Defenders will have the first pick in the Skill Player Phase and effectively the very first pick in the draft. This format allows for players that wouldn’t normally be a first overall pick the chance to claim that due to being the top pick in a certain phase. So, technically there will be 5 first round picks.

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