NBA Cats Preseason Stats – Deep Dive

The NBA season starts tomorrow and BBN will have plenty of teams and players to root for. The preseason showcased our rookies, old faces in new places, former Wildcats trying to make a NBA roster, and the Wildcats continuing their careers with their former teams. I want to breakdown all these players and look at their stats during this year’s preseason.


Tyler Herro, PJ Washington, and Keldon Johnson all played well this preseason. Tyler Herro had 81 points over his 5 games and looked like he could be a superstar this season for Miami. PJ was consistent and average double digits scoring. I’d expect him to continue to grow in his first year and we could see the trio of Monk, MKG, and Washington playing a lot of minutes together this season. Keldon played a lot less than Herro and Washington and looks to be buried on the depth chart for now.

Tyler Herro24.51833
Tyler Herro25863
Tyler Herro24.62352
Tyler Herro25.7820
Tyler Herro32.51462
Per Game Average26.4614.24.42
Per Minute Average0.540.170.08
PJ Washington19.71672
PJ Washington20.31320
PJ Washington31.71053
PJ Washington23.41060
PJ Washington31.51254
Per Game Average25.3212.251.8
Per Minute Average0.480.20.07
Keldon Johnson22.7720
Keldon Johnson4.4510
Keldon Johnson5202
Keldon Johnson9.7621
Keldon Johnson4200
Per Game Average9.164.410.6
Per Minute Average0.480.110.07

Old Faces, New Places

This list includes Anthony Davis, Julius Randle, Enes Kanter, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Patrick Patterson, Andrew Harrison and Trey Lyles. Let’s start with AD, he looks like he’ll be ready to make a run at the title with Lebron and averaged 13 points per game in the preseason. I expect that number to be close to doubled during the season as James and Davis will be the main scoring options on this lineup. Randle was amazing this offseason and showed everyone why he was worth that $62 million dollar contract by playing a lot of minutes and putting up good numbers in each stat category. The last player on this list I want to profile is SGA. He was dealt to OKC in the Paul George trade and he looks like a great player to build this new look OKC team around.

Anthony Davis18.422102
Anthony Davis25.11625
Anthony Davis12630
Anthony Davis27.88108
Per Game Average20.82136.253.75
Per Minute Average0.620.30.18
Julius Randle26.81177
Julius Randle28.61484
Julius Randle34.82082
Julius Randle34.92095
Per Game Average31.27516.2584.5
Per Minute Average0.520.260.14
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander262441
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander231821
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander291680
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander281753
Per Game Average26.518.754.751.25
Per Minute Average0.710.180.05
Enes Kanter20.21141
Enes Kanter18.3282
Enes Kanter13.1671
Per Game Average17.26.336.331.33
Per Minute Average0.370.370.08
Patrick Patterson11.7540
Patrick Patterson17.11021
Patrick Patterson19.41230
Per Game Average16.07930.33
Per Minute Average0.560.190.02
Trey Lyles19.4562
Trey Lyles20.7222
Trey Lyles15.9061
Per Game Average18.672.334.671.67
Per Minute Average0.130.250.09
Andrew Harrison7.7412
Andrew Harrison4.3300
Andrew Harrison5.3310
Andrew Harrison8.7310
Andrew Harrison3.6102
Per Game Average5.922.800.600.80
Per Minute Average0.470.100.14

Trying to Make a Roster

Two names Kentucky fans love to hear in the NBA preseason are Isaac Humphries and Mychal Mulder. Both of them had their opportunities this offseason and both were eventually cut. They both have signed Exhibit 10 contracts which means if they decide to stay and play for the G-League affiliate, they will earn a $50k bonus.

Isaac Humphries3.2001
Isaac Humphries5020
Isaac Humphries5.8400
Per Game Average4.671.330.670.33
Per Minute Average0.290.140.07
Mychal Mulder3.3000
Mychal Mulder12210
Per Game Average7.6510.50
Per Minute Average0.130.070


The group of players still with their team from last year includes Karl-Anthony Towns, Devin Booker, DeAaron Fox, Kevin Knox, Jamal Murray, Eric Bledsoe, Bam Adebayo, Brandon Knight, Wenyen Gabriel, Jarred Vanderbilt, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Malik Monk, Rajon Rondo, Hamidou Diallo, Nerlens Noel, and Skal Labissiere. The three players that succeeded the most this offseason was KAT, Booker, and Fox. Towns played really well and had one monster game with 33 points and 10 rebounds. This seems to be the trend with Towns having consistently average games and then a few big games. Booker has become the face of the Suns over his 4 seasons in the NBA. He looks like he is ready to be the number 1 scoring option for Phoenix this season. Just like Booker, Fox is the man in Sacramento. He averaged 14.5 points in the preseason and looks to be on track for another good year with the Kings. Some things to note for this list of players is the injury to Eric Bledsoe which kept him out most of the preseason and Wenyen Gabriel is on a two-way contract with the Kings and will likely play most of his time in the G-League.

Karl-Anthony Towns18.79105
Karl-Anthony Towns22.5933
Karl-Anthony Towns11.1930
Karl-Anthony Towns26.433104
Karl-Anthony Towns271644
Per Game Average21.1415.263.2
Per Minute Average0.720.280.15
Devin Booker20.91545
Devin Booker23.51873
Devin Booker24.7804
Per Game Average23.0313.673.674
Per Minute Average0.590.160.17
De’Aaron Fox33.11638
De’Aaron Fox25.71026
De’Aaron Fox28.71816
De’Aaron Fox19.21424
Per Game Average26.67514.526
Per Minute Average0.540.070.22
Eric Bledsoe11.8502
Per Game Average11.8502
Per Minute Average0.4200.17
Brandon Knight15.3302
Brandon Knight19.51111
Brandon Knight12510
Per Game Average15.66.330.671
Per Minute Average0.410.040.06
Bam Adebayo22.71481
Bam Adebayo16.1862
Bam Adebayo26.515104
Bam Adebayo23.66130
Bam Adebayo28.613116
Per Game Average23.511.29.62.6
Per Minute Average0.480.410.11
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist9.1201
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist14.3570
Per Game Average11.
Per Minute Average0.30.30.04
Malik Monk17.71021
Malik Monk6.2010
Malik Monk18.41021
Malik Monk22.71837
Per Game Average16.259.522.25
Per Minute Average0.580.120.14
Wenyen Gabriel15.4642
Wenyen Gabriel3.4000
Wenyen Gabriel13.6530
Wenyen Gabriel19.1830
Per Game Average12.8754.752.50.5
Per Minute Average0.370.190.04
Kevin Knox29.31271
Kevin Knox20.11122
Kevin Knox18.3920
Per Game Average22.5710.673.671
Per Minute Average0.470.160.04
Rajon Rondo18.7814
Rajon Rondo241856
Rajon Rondo16.3010
Per Game Average19.678.672.333.33
Per Minute Average0.440.120.17
Jamal Murray21.71012
Jamal Murray24.2922
Jamal Murray28.21686
Jamal Murray15.8436
Per Game Average22.4759.753.54
Per Minute Average0.430.160.18
Jarred Vanderbilt11.5450
Jarred Vanderbilt9.7334
Jarred Vanderbilt8.7240
Jarred Vanderbilt12530
Per Game Average10.4753.53.751
Per Minute Average0.330.360.1
Hamidou Diallo24.4872
Hamidou Diallo20.21660
Hamidou Diallo23.7200
Per Game Average22.778.674.330.67
Per Minute Average0.380.190.03
Nerlens Noel12.9201
Nerlens Noel21.6840
Per Game Average17.25520.5
Per Minute Average0.290.120.03
Skal Labissiere16.510122
Skal Labissiere23.59151
Skal Labissiere21.5282
Skal Labissiere11.7611
Skal Labissiere161251
Per Game Average17.847.88.21.4
Per Minute Average0.440.460.08

Willie Cauley-Stein was out this preseason due to a foot injury and will likely miss this first few weeks of the season in his first year with the Warriors. Tyler Ulis was signed by the Kings but did not play this preseason and was cut and expected to play in the G-League this season.

The 28 Kentucky players that played accounted for 924 points in the preseason this year. I don’t think we are far off from Cal’s prediction for his group of players at Kentucky.

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