Here’s the Message Wenyen Gabriel Sent to a UK Recruit – You Decide – Fair Criticism or Not

WARNING: The screenshot of this message has profanity and language that doesn’t represent the values we have here at ukfansallday.

My Opinion: It’s obviously hard here at Kentucky, anything worth having is hard. He admits to making mistakes, which is very self-aware and undoubtedly made it harder on himself. Cal can’t have someone on the floor that is going to turn the ball over each time they try to take someone off the dribble. He doesn’t say whether someone on staff worked with him on his ball handling skills but I find it hard to believe they didn’t work on that with everyone and if it’s a weakness of your game and you want to go to the NBA, don’t you work on that yourself? Overall, the message was a lookout for someone he felt connected to. He wanted that kid to know going into it what he would be getting. It definitely works against Cal’s recruitment of the kid (whomever that may be) but I don’t think it’s as big of a negative about Cal and the program as everyone is making it out to be.


  1. Looks to me that Wenyen is being REAL with the kid….Kentucky is NOT for everybody and that’s the message I get…but..once you get out of bootcamp…you are on your way to the NBA…It takes some longer than others…


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