NBA Cats Week 1 Schedule

NBA TeamPlayerGame
LakersRajon Rondo10/22 10:30 TNT at LAC
LakersAnthony Davis10/22 10:30 TNT at LAC
ClippersPatrick Patterson10/22 10:30 TNT vs. LAL
KingsDe’Aaron Fox10/23 10:00 at PHX
KingsWenyen Gabriel10/23 10:00 at PHX
NuggetsJamal Murray10/23 10:00 ESPN at POR
NuggetsJarred Vanderbilt10/23 10:00 ESPN at POR
Trail BlazersSkal Labissiere10/23 10:00 ESPN vs. DEN
SunsDevin Booker10/23 10:00 vs. SAC
HornetsMichael Kidd-Gilchrist10/23 7:00 vs. CHI
HornetsMalik Monk10/23 7:00 vs. CHI
HornetsPJ Washington10/23 7:00 vs. CHI
CavaliersBrandon Knight10/23 7:00 vs. ORL
TimberwolvesKarl-Anthony Towns10/23 7:30 at BRK
CelticsEnes Kanter10/23 7:30 ESPN at PHI
HeatBam Adebayo10/23 7:30 vs. MEM
HeatTyler Herro10/23 7:30 vs. MEM
KnicksKevin Knox10/23 8:30 at SA
KnicksJulius Randle10/23 8:30 at SA
SpursTrey Lyles10/23 8:30 vs. NYK
SpursKeldon Johnson10/23 8:30 vs. NYK
ThunderShai Gilgeous-Alexander10/23 9:00 at UT
ThunderHamidou Diallo10/23 9:00 at UT
ThunderNerlens Noel10/23 9:00 at UT
ClippersPatrick Patterson10/24 10:30 TNT at GS
BucksEric Bledsoe10/24 8:00 TNT at HOU
Trail BlazersSkal Labissiere10/25 10:00 at SAC
KingsDe’Aaron Fox10/25 10:00 vs. POR
KingsWenyen Gabriel10/25 10:00 vs. POR
LakersRajon Rondo10/25 10:30 ESPN vs. UT
LakersAnthony Davis10/25 10:30 ESPN vs. UT
TimberwolvesKarl-Anthony Towns10/25 7:00 at CHA
HornetsMichael Kidd-Gilchrist10/25 7:00 vs. MIN
HornetsMalik Monk10/25 7:00 vs. MIN
HornetsPJ Washington10/25 7:00 vs. MIN
CelticsEnes Kanter10/25 7:00 vs. TOR
KnicksKevin Knox10/25 7:30 at BRK
KnicksJulius Randle10/25 7:30 at BRK
ThunderShai Gilgeous-Alexander10/25 8:00 vs. WAS
ThunderHamidou Diallo10/25 8:00 vs. WAS
ThunderNerlens Noel10/25 8:00 vs. WAS
SunsDevin Booker10/25 9:00 at DEN
NuggetsJamal Murray10/25 9:00 vs. PHX
NuggetsJarred Vanderbilt10/25 9:00 vs. PHX
ClippersPatrick Patterson10/26 10:00 NBA at PHX
SunsDevin Booker10/26 10:00 NBA vs. LAC
HeatBam Adebayo10/26 5:00 NBA at MIL
HeatTyler Herro10/26 5:00 NBA at MIL
BucksEric Bledsoe10/26 5:00 NBA vs. MIA
CelticsEnes Kanter10/26 7:30 NBA at NYK
KnicksKevin Knox10/26 7:30 NBA vs. BOS
KnicksJulius Randle10/26 7:30 NBA vs. BOS
CavaliersBrandon Knight10/26 8:00 vs. IND
SpursTrey Lyles10/26 8:30 vs. WAS
SpursKeldon Johnson10/26 8:30 vs. WAS
KingsDe’Aaron Fox10/26 9:00 at UT
KingsWenyen Gabriel10/26 9:00 at UT
ThunderShai Gilgeous-Alexander10/27 3:30 vs. GS
ThunderHamidou Diallo10/27 3:30 vs. GS
ThunderNerlens Noel10/27 3:30 vs. GS
Trail BlazersSkal Labissiere10/27 7:00 at DAL
HeatBam Adebayo10/27 7:00 at MIN
HeatTyler Herro10/27 7:00 at MIN
TimberwolvesKarl-Anthony Towns10/27 7:00 vs. MIA
HornetsMichael Kidd-Gilchrist10/27 9:30 at LAL
HornetsMalik Monk10/27 9:30 at LAL
HornetsPJ Washington10/27 9:30 at LAL
LakersRajon Rondo10/27 9:30 vs. CHA
LakersAnthony Davis10/27 9:30 vs. CHA

With 25 former Wildcats on NBA rosters and healthy, this schedule looks very daunting. I’ll try to break it down a bit but the easiest thing to do is check back here for the week in review we will do each week after all these games are played. We kicked everything off last night with the Lakers and Clippers facing off in LA. The Clippers ended up beating the Lakers even with Paul George sitting out. Anthony Davis put up good numbers getting the first Wildcat double-double of the season. Rondo sit out this game with a calf injury and Patrick Patterson was not very effective in his first start for the Clippers only scoring 4 points and grabbing 3 rebounds. There are nine games tonight with Wildcat players and 3 of those have UK players on both rosters. Boston and Philadelphia face off tonight at 7:30 on ESPN and it’ll be our first chance to see Enes Kanter playing with his new team (Celtics). ESPN will also be showing the Lakers on Friday night as they take on the Jazz. This weekend those with NBA TV will be able to watch Booker, Herro, Kanter, and more during their coverage of the games.

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