NBA Cats Stats Week 1

The first week of the NBA saw a lot of great things by our Wildcats. PJ and Shai setting records, KAT and AD dominating, and Randle getting double-double every game. The greatest time in sports is now and I love being able to see Wildcats on my TV every night. Between the NFL and NBA, BBN has 40 guys to look out for!

PJ Washington set a NBA rookie record by hitting 7 3-pointers in his debut. It certainly looks like he will be the guy in charlotte that they build around going forward.

Malik Monk10/23 7:00 vs. CHIW16.7713
PJ Washington10/23 7:00 vs. CHIW37.62741
Malik Monk10/25 7:00 vs. MINL19.6013
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist10/25 7:00 vs. MINL10.1540
PJ Washington10/25 7:00 vs. MINL29.310100
Malik Monk10/27 9:30 at LALL14.1001
PJ Washington10/27 9:30 at LALL35.7861

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander is averaging 24.3 points per game through the first week and has proven to be the future of the Thunder.

Hamidou Diallo10/23 9:00 at UTL231230
Nerlens Noel10/23 9:00 at UTL4.7220
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander10/23 9:00 at UTL36.72621
Hamidou Diallo10/25 8:00 vs. WASL18750
Nerlens Noel10/25 8:00 vs. WASL7.2011
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander10/25 8:00 vs. WASL36.12874
Hamidou Diallo10/27 3:30 vs. GSW12.7810
Nerlens Noel10/27 3:30 vs. GSW14.8642
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander10/27 3:30 vs. GSW29.71994

Karl-Anthony Towns has pushed Minnesota to a 3-0 record behind some great numbers. He’s averaging 32 points and 13.3 rebound a game and doesn’t look to be slowing down!

Karl-Anthony Towns10/23 7:30 at BRKW38.736143
Karl-Anthony Towns10/25 7:00 at CHAW27.737158
Karl-Anthony Towns10/27 7:00 vs. MIAW34.823114

Anthony Davis is probably the front-runner for the Wildcats chances to win a title this year in the NBA. So far this season, he has done everything he has needed to do to get his team to the playoffs this season after a disappointing year in Lebron’s first season in LA. Through the first three games AD is leading the team in points and rebounds per game.

Anthony Davis10/22 10:30 TNT at LACL37.325105
Anthony Davis10/25 10:30 ESPN vs. UTW32.32172
Anthony Davis10/27 9:30 vs. CHAW32.529143

Julius Randle joins KAT as two of the four players in the NBA to achieve a double-double effort in 3 games so far this year. The Knicks are 0-3 this year and unless something miraculous happens I expect them to continue to struggle. It’s unfortunate for one of the teams in the NBA that have multiple Cats on the roster.

Julius Randle10/23 8:30 at SAL35.425116
Kevin Knox10/23 8:30 at SAL21.21350
Julius Randle10/25 7:30 at BRKL38.614114
Kevin Knox10/25 7:30 at BRKL28.71612
Julius Randle10/26 7:30 NBA vs. BOSL29.910103
Kevin Knox10/26 7:30 NBA vs. BOSL25.7780

As for the rest of the Cats here are their numbers:

Patrick Patterson10/22 10:30 TNT vs. LALW17.5430
De’Aaron Fox10/23 10:00 at PHXL26.5815
Wenyen Gabriel10/23 10:00 at PHXL2110
Jamal Murray10/23 10:00 ESPN at PORW33.81456
Skal Labissiere10/23 10:00 ESPN vs. DENL10.6861
Devin Booker10/23 10:00 vs. SACW32.322210
Enes Kanter10/23 7:30 ESPN at PHIL251262
Bam Adebayo10/23 7:30 vs. MEMW2414113
Tyler Herro10/23 7:30 vs. MEMW33.91481
Trey Lyles10/23 8:30 vs. NYKW24.38110
Patrick Patterson10/24 10:30 TNT at GSW28.22031
Eric Bledsoe10/24 8:00 TNT at HOUW16.11120
Skal Labissiere10/25 10:00 at SACW6.2000
De’Aaron Fox10/25 10:00 vs. PORL34.12865
Wenyen Gabriel10/25 10:00 vs. PORL2.6000
Devin Booker10/25 9:00 at DENL41.41857
Jamal Murray10/25 9:00 vs. PHXW40.62773
Patrick Patterson10/26 10:00 NBA at PHXL30.9571
Devin Booker10/26 10:00 NBA vs. LACW38.53068
Bam Adebayo10/26 5:00 NBA at MILW38.519138
Tyler Herro10/26 5:00 NBA at MILW32.31450
Eric Bledsoe10/26 5:00 NBA vs. MIAL33.21072
Trey Lyles10/26 8:30 vs. WASW17.7273
De’Aaron Fox10/26 9:00 at UTL20915
Wenyen Gabriel10/26 9:00 at UTL20.6833
Skal Labissiere10/27 7:00 at DALW5.6430
Bam Adebayo10/27 7:00 at MINL31.61395
Tyler Herro10/27 7:00 at MINL35854

Our Week 1 MVP is Karl-Anthony Towns – 32 pts, 13.3 reb, and 5 assists per game

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