15 Kentucky vs. Wright State

 Kentucky hosted Wright State to close up their non-conference schedule at home.Just sixteen minutes into the match the first goal is scored by Kentucky’s Daniel Evans. He scored his third goal off a rebound from Jansen Wilson’s miss off the crossbar. Just one minute later the second goal is scored by Kentucky, Marcel Mienzer with his first goal of the season. The third goal scored in less than two minutes went to Wright State, by Stefan Rokvic. Kentucky’s third goal is scored by Aime Mabika. Just five minutes after their third goal Kentucky scores again, Mason Visconti scores his first goal in the season. Kentucky’s Jansen Wilson scores his first career goal for the fifth goal. Only 23 seconds after the first goal of the second half, Kentucky scores yet again. Elijah Borneo scores his first career goal for the Cats.

Final 15 Kentucky 7, Wright State 1

Kentucky moves to 10-2-3 in the season.

Kentucky travels to take on Marshall in C-USA play at 3 p.m. ET

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