Towns Gets Ejected and Lets Everyone Know How He Feels

WARNING: Profane language ahead:

Last night Joel Embiid and Karl-Anthony Towns went at it after Embiid roughed Towns up a bit on a double team. Ben Simmons ended up getting Towns in a headlock in the scrum and ended up on his back on the floor and had to be pulled off of him before he would break the choke hold. Both Embiid and Towns both got ejected and the NBA will likely punish both of them and possibly more (cough, Ben Simmons). They both took to social media afterward to continue to fan the flames.

Here’s a good look at the whole confrontation including Simmons chokehold.

Town’s mom may be my favorite part of this whole thing as she was ready to put a whooping on Embiid too.

Below is their post fight media comments:

This is now one, if not the most, heated rivalry in the NBA. They play each other in Minnesota on March 24th and it will likely have playoff implications. I’m sure we will see a continuation of this aggressiveness in that game and it should be sold out and Michael Buffer should do player introductions.

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