NBA Cats Week 3 Schedule


Eric Bledsoe11/4 8:00 at MIN
Karl-Anthony Towns11/4 8:00 vs. MIL
Devin Booker11/4 9:00 vs. PHI
Skal Labissiere11/4 10:30 NBA at GS
Willie Cauley-Stein11/4 10:30 NBA vs. POR


Enes Kanter11/5 7:00 at CLE
Brandon Knight11/5 7:00 vs. BOS
Malik Monk11/5 7:00 vs. IND
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist11/5 7:00 vs. IND
PJ Washington11/5 7:00 vs. IND
Keldon Johnson11/5 7:30 at ATL
Trey Lyles11/5 7:30 at ATL
Anthony Davis11/5 8:00 NBA at CHI
Rajon Rondo11/5 8:00 NBA at CHI
Hamidou Diallo11/5 8:00 vs. ORL
Nerlens Noel11/5 8:00 vs. ORL
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander11/5 8:00 vs. ORL
Bam Adebayo11/5 9:00 at DEN
Tyler Herro11/5 9:00 at DEN
Jamal Murray11/5 9:00 vs. MIA
Jarred Vanderbilt11/5 9:00 vs. MIA


Julius Randle11/6 7:00 at DET
Kevin Knox11/6 7:00 at DET
De’Aaron Fox11/6 7:30 at TOR
Wenyen Gabriel11/6 7:30 at TOR
Willie Cauley-Stein11/6 7:30 ESPN at HOU
Karl-Anthony Towns11/6 8:00 at MEM
Eric Bledsoe11/6 10:00 ESPN at LAC
Patrick Patterson11/6 10:00 ESPN vs. MIL


Enes Kanter11/7 8:00 TNT at CHA
Malik Monk11/7 8:00 TNT vs. BOS
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist11/7 8:00 TNT vs. BOS
PJ Washington11/7 8:00 TNT vs. BOS
Hamidou Diallo11/7 8:30 at SA
Nerlens Noel11/7 8:30 at SA
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander11/7 8:30 at SA
Keldon Johnson11/7 8:30 vs. OKC
Trey Lyles11/7 8:30 vs. OKC
Bam Adebayo11/7 9:00 at PHX
Tyler Herro11/7 9:00 at PHX
Devin Booker11/7 9:00 vs. MIA
Skal Labissiere11/7 10:30 TNT at LAC
Patrick Patterson11/7 10:30 TNT vs. POR


Brandon Knight11/8 7:00 ESPN at WAS
De’Aaron Fox11/8 7:30 at ATL
Wenyen Gabriel11/8 7:30 at ATL
Willie Cauley-Stein11/8 8:00 at MIN
Karl-Anthony Towns11/8 8:00 vs. GS
Julius Randle11/8 8:30 at DAL
Kevin Knox11/8 8:30 at DAL
Eric Bledsoe11/8 9:00 at UT
Jamal Murray11/8 9:00 vs. PHI
Jarred Vanderbilt11/8 9:00 vs. PHI
Skal Labissiere11/8 10:00 vs. BRK
Bam Adebayo11/8 10:30 NBA at LAL
Tyler Herro11/8 10:30 NBA at LAL
Anthony Davis11/8 10:30 NBA vs. MIA
Rajon Rondo11/8 10:30 NBA vs. MIA


Enes Kanter11/9 5:00 at SA
Keldon Johnson11/9 5:00 vs. BOS
Trey Lyles11/9 5:00 vs. BOS
Willie Cauley-Stein11/9 8:00 at OKC
Hamidou Diallo11/9 8:00 vs. GS
Nerlens Noel11/9 8:00 vs. GS
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander11/9 8:00 vs. GS


Karl-Anthony Towns11/10 3:30 vs. DEN
Jamal Murray11/10 3:30 vs. MIN
Jarred Vanderbilt11/10 3:30 vs. MIN
Malik Monk11/10 6:00 at PHI
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist11/10 6:00 at PHI
PJ Washington11/10 6:00 at PHI
Eric Bledsoe11/10 7:00 at OKC
Hamidou Diallo11/10 7:00 vs. MIL
Nerlens Noel11/10 7:00 vs. MIL
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander11/10 7:00 vs. MIL
Brandon Knight11/10 7:30 at NYK
Julius Randle11/10 7:30 vs. CLE
Kevin Knox11/10 7:30 vs. CLE
Devin Booker11/10 8:00 vs. BRK
Skal Labissiere11/10 9:00 vs. ATL
Anthony Davis11/10 9:30 vs. TOR

Tonight will showcase a battle between former UK players as Skal takes on WCS at 10:30 on NBATV. On Wednesday night you’ll be able to watch Eric Bledsoe take on Patrick Patterson at 10 on ESPN. The biggest nationally televised game this week will be the Heat/Lakers game on Friday night on NBATV. Herro and Bam have been playing well but Davis is having one of his best seasons this year and is looking at a title run in his future. This should be a fun week to watch our NBA Cats.

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