NBA Cats Week 4 Schedule


Brandon Knight11/18 7:00 at NYK
Julius Randle11/18 7:00 vs. CLE
Kevin Knox11/18 7:00 vs. CLE
PJ Washington11/18 7:30 at TOR
Malik Monk11/18 7:30 at TOR
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist11/18 7:30 at TOR
Eric Bledsoe11/18 8:00 at CHI
Skal Labissiere11/18 8:00 NBA at HOU
Trey Lyles11/18 8:30 at DAL
Keldon Johnson11/18 8:30 at DAL
Enes Kanter11/18 9:00 at PHX
Karl-Anthony Towns11/18 9:00 at UT
Devin Booker11/18 9:00 vs. BOS
Patrick Patterson 11/18 10:30 vs. OKC
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander11/18 10:30 at LAC
Nerlens Noel11/18 10:30 at LAC
Hamidou Diallo11/18 10:30 at LAC


Willie Cauley-Stein11/19 8:00 at MEM
Skal Labissiere11/19 8:00 NBA at NO
Devin Booker11/19 10:00 at SAC
De’Aaron Fox11/19 10:00 vs. PHX
Wenyen Gabriel11/19 10:00 vs. PHX
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander11/19 10:30 NBA at LAL
Hamidou Diallo11/19 10:30 NBA at LAL
Nerlens Noel11/19 10:30 NBA at LAL
Anthony Davis11/19 10:30 NBA vs. OKC
Rajon Rondo11/19 10:30 NBA vs. OKC


Julius Randle11/20 7:00 at PHI
Kevin Knox11/20 7:00 at PHI
Trey Lyles11/20 7:00 at WAS
Keldon Johnson11/20 7:00 at WAS
Eric Bledsoe11/20 7:30 at ATL
PJ Washington11/20 7:30 at BRK
Malik Monk11/20 7:30 at BRK
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist11/20 7:30 at BRK
Brandon Knight11/20 7:30 at MIA
Willie Cauley-Stein11/20 7:30 ESPN at DAL
Bam Adebayo11/20 7:30 vs. CLE
Tyler Herro11/20 7:30 vs. CLE
Karl-Anthony Towns11/20 8:00 vs. UT
Jamal Murray11/20 9:00 vs. HOU
Jarred Vanderbilt11/20 9:00 vs. HOU
Enes Kanter11/20 10:00 ESPN at LAC
Patrick Patterson11/20 10:00 ESPN vs. BOS


Skal Labissiere11/21 8:00 TNT at MIL
Eric Bledsoe11/21 8:00 TNT vs. POR
Devin Booker11/21 10:30 TNT vs. NO


PJ Washington11/22 7:00 at WAS
Malik Monk11/22 7:00 at WAS
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist11/22 7:00 at WAS
De’Aaron Fox11/22 7:30 at BRK
Wenyen Gabriel11/22 7:30 at BRK
Bam Adebayo11/22 8:00 at CHI
Tyler Herro11/22 8:00 at CHI
Anthony Davis11/22 8:00 at OKC
Rajon Rondo11/22 8:00 at OKC
Trey Lyles11/22 8:00 ESPN at PHI
Keldon Johnson11/22 8:00 ESPN at PHI
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander11/22 8:00 vs. LAL
Hamidou Diallo11/22 8:00 vs. LAL
Nerlens Noel11/22 8:00 vs. LAL
Brandon Knight11/22 8:30 at DAL
Enes Kanter11/22 9:00 at DEN
Willie Cauley-Stein11/22 9:00 at UT
Jamal Murray11/22 9:00 vs. BOS
Jarred Vanderbilt11/22 9:00 vs. BOS
Patrick Patterson11/22 10:30 ESPN vs. HOU


Devin Booker11/23 5:00 at MIN
Karl-Anthony Towns11/23 5:00 vs. PHX
PJ Washington11/23 7:00 vs. CHI
Malik Monk11/23 7:00 vs. CHI
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist11/23 7:00 vs. CHI
Trey Lyles11/23 7:30 at NYK
Keldon Johnson11/23 7:30 at NYK
Bam Adebayo11/23 7:30 at PHI
Tyler Herro11/23 7:30 at PHI
Julius Randle11/23 7:30 vs. SA
Kevin Knox11/23 7:30 vs. SA
Skal Labissiere11/23 8:00 at CLE
Anthony Davis11/23 8:00 vs. MEM
Rajon Rondo11/23 8:00 vs. MEM
Brandon Knight11/23 8:00 vs. POR
Eric Bledsoe11/23 8:30 vs. DET


De’Aaron Fox11/24 6:00 at WAS
Wenyen Gabriel11/24 6:00 at WAS
Julius Randle11/24 6:00 vs. BRK
Kevin Knox11/24 6:00 vs. BRK
Devin Booker11/24 8:00 at DEN
Jamal Murray11/24 8:00 vs. PHX
Jarred Vanderbilt11/24 8:00 vs. PHX
Patrick Patterson11/24 9:00 vs. NO

This week is a great one for watching our Cats on National TV. Skal has three straight road games televised this week and on Thursday he will be joined by Eric Bledsoe in his game and Devin Booker in the 2nd part of the double header on TNT. The marquee matchup on TV this week in my mind is the Thunder (SGA, Hami, and Noel) taking on the Lakers (Davis & Rondo) tomorrow night. This should be very fun to watch with Wildcats represented very well!

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