14 Kentucky vs. LSU

Kentucky traveled to Baton Rouge for their final away game of the season. Kentucky had a great start in the first set going on a 6-0 run and have a 8-4 lead. LSU takes the lead and eventually the first set, 25-19.

Kentucky led 15-13 in the second set. LSU and Kentucky tied it up at 20-20. LSU had the set point but Kentucky wins it 28-26 to even it up at 1-1.

Kentucky has the lead once again in the third set 11-8. They extend their lead to 17-13 as Caitlyn Cooper slams her sixth kill. Kentucky leads 24- 20 and wins the set, 25-23.

Kentucky leads 6-0 in the fourth set which stretches to 10-0. Cats are up to 20-11 and wins the set, 25-11. Kentucky comes back to defeat LSU 3-1.

They close out their regular season hosting Ole Miss.

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