15 Kentucky blasts past Samford to go 9-0

Kentucky continues their undefeated streak in early December and go to 9-0 and have kept their opponents under 54 points.

Kentucky starts the first quarter with back to back 3 pointers by Rhyne Howard and one by Sabrina Haines to have an early 9-0 lead over Samford. Samford gets on the board with back to back 3’s by Paige Serup. Samford takes the lead at 14-13 but Kentucky answers with a 3 to take the lead back. They get back to back 3’s to end the first quarter with a 22-14 lead.

Kentucky and Samford go back and forth between scoring points in the second quarter. Kentucky starts it with a layup from Amanda Paschal. Samford’s Ta’Naisha Hill gets both free throws, 24-16. Kentucky builds their lead before they go into the half, 41-20.

Samford starts the third with a jumper but Kentucky answers with a layup. They go back and forth and Kentucky keeps the lead. Rhyne Howard is up to 21 points. Rhyne Howard hits a 3 and Kentucky id up to a 59-34 lead before the Cats take a 60-36 lead after 3 quarters.

Kentucky starts the 4th quarter on a 3 by Jaida Roper, Samford gets two free throws. Kentucky 63-38.  Kentucky extends their lead to 74-46 as Rhyne Howard has 30 points. Emma King hits a 3, Samford gets two free throws. Kentucky gets a jumper and Samford ends it with a free throw but Kentucky holds out for a 30 point victory, 79-49 to move to 9-0.

Kentucky takes on Winthrop Wednesday at 7 p.m. ET at Rupp Arena.

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