12 Kentucky opens season at 5 Utah

The 12th ranked Kentucky GymCats travel to Salt Lake City to open up their 2020 regular season to take on 4th ranked Utah.

Kentucky falls to Utah 196.425 to 195.350



Raina Albores9.725   
Josie Angeny9.7259.7509.725 
Mollie Korth9.8259.8759.8759.800
Alaina Kwan9.0009.625  
Megan Monfredi   9.775
Mackenzie Harman  9.775 
Cally Nixon9.775   
Arianna Patterson 9.7259.750 
Ella Warren9.8009.7509.7259.750
Raena Worley 9.7259.8009.650
Hailey Poland   9.8009.675
Team Totals48.82548.85048.92548.650


Alexia Burch9.825 9.7509.725
Hunter Dula 9.875  
Cammy Hall9.825   
Cristal Isa 9.3759.9259.725
Emile Le Blanc 9.7759.725 
Maile O’Keefe9.7759.6009.800 
Abby Paulson  9.9009.825
Adreinne Randall  9.7009.850
Missy Reinstadler9.7759.825  
Sydney Soloski9.800  9.900
Kim Tessen9.9009.925 9.900
Team Totals49.12549.00049.10049.200

Kentucky hosts Missouri next Friday for their Excite Night at Memorial Coliseum

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