“Clamps” Hagans not the Only Great Defensive Player on this Kentucky Team

The Kentucky Wildcats will head in to Athens, Georgia tonight in Kentucky’s first road game of the year. In which, a lot of people think Kentucky will lose, or think that Georgia’s Edwards is Crean’s savior.

(Vegas thinks it’ll be a close one, Kentucky is a 1.5 favorite)

Don’t get me wrong, Edwards is all that and a bag of chips. Very athletic, capable of hitting big shots, and very strong. But it’s crazy to think that a kid, that is supposed to be in high school this year, is going to single handedly hand Kentucky a loss.

Is Edwards better than an experienced Jordan Nwora?

We witnessed the, “clamps”, put on Jordan Nwora a couple weeks ago. and it wasn’t by Ashton Hagans, who is the leader of this Wildcat group, and arguably the best defender in college basketball. No, it was Keion Brooks Jr. and Immanuel Quickley. (more of Quickley)

So why do people think this would be any different? Road game? Hagans banged up? Better Coach? (lol)

It is tough to say Kentucky will just go in there and get a win , I get it. But just to say flat out that Kentucky will probably lose is absurd.

Georgia’s offense has struggled just like Kentucky’s. (Not very good shooting the ball right now) Georgia turns the ball over a lot,(195 through 12 games) 33 more times than Kentucky (162 through 13 games) this year thus far.

Defense will be huge in this game tonight and Kentucky has more great defensive players than just Ashton Hagans. Pay attention to Immanuel Quickley and Keion Brooks Jr. also. They’ll be putting “clamps” on Edwards.

I believe in this Kentucky defense, with Ashton Hagans leading the way.

My Prediction: Kentucky 73 Georgia 66

Game time: 9p.m. EST. on ESPN

Check out UK Fans All Day Podcast wherever you get your podcast.


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