South Carolina upsets Kentucky with buzzer beater 3 pointer

Kentucky is looking to stay undefeated in SEC play as they hit the road and play in Columbia.

South Carolina goes for a 3 but misses it and Nick Richards gets Kentucky’s first points putting them on the board. Kentucky has an early 6-0 lead as Tyrese Maxey makes a jump shot and Richards gets two free throws. Tyrese extends their lead to 8-0 after making a jump shot. South Carolina gets on the board with two free throws, 8-2. Keyshawn Bryant gets a dunk shot to cut the lead to 4. Nick Richards make one out of two free throws, Hagans goes for a jump shot, misses but Nick Richards with a tip shot. Keyshawn Bryant makes a jump shot and we have a 5 point game, 11-6. Immanuel Quickley with a 3 for Kentucky, South Carolina responds with a layup shot. Nick Richards with a dunk shot. South Carolina catching up as Cousinard hits back to back 3’s, 21-16. Nate Sestina with a layup and then misses his free throw. Ashton Hagans gets both free throws, Maxey with a jump shot, 27-17. Kentucky with a 10 point lead, 30-20. Kentucky leads 33-25 at halftime.

South Carolina goes on a 3-0 run before Kentucky scores and they go up by 10. Nate Sestina hits a 3 and South Carolina responds with a jump shot, 41-30. Kentucky keeps their lead up as we are at the 14 minute mark, and Kentucky scores again, 50-39. Kentucky snaps a 9-0 run by South Carolina with a bucket by Johnny Juzang and Wildcats go to line after a foul on South Carolina, Quickley gets both free throws. South Carolina scores and gets a free throw to make it a close game; they have it down to just 3 points, 61-58. Tyrese Maxey with back to back 3’s but South Carolina ties it up. South Carolina with their first lead of the game, up by 5 with less than 2 minutes to go. Wildcats within 3 with 25 seconds left, they bring it within 2. South Carolina hits a buzzer beater 3 to defeat Kentucky 81-78.

Kentucky is on the road this Saturday as they take on Arkansas at 4 p.m. ET on ESPN

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