Howard leads 11 Kentucky past 12 Texas A & M to improve to 4-1 in SEC

Kentucky hosts Texas a &M at Memorial Coliseum in Top 25 play.

It seems that neither team can seem to score with almost 2 minutes of play, but Texas A &M gets the first two points. Blair Green gets Kentucky on the board to tie it up, 2-2. Rhyne Howard gets her first points of the game and gets a free throw and she hits it for the Cats to have a 5-2 lead. Texas A &M gets a bucket and draws a foul and ties it up 5-5. Blair Green puts Kentucky up by 2 more and Sabrina Haines hits both of her free throws for the Cats to have a  9-5 lead.  Aggies cut it down to two, 9-7 and then they tie up. Aggies take their first lead on free throws, 11-9. Jaida Roper hits a three to take back the lead but N’dea Jones gets a layup for the Aggies to have lead after one quarter.

Kentucky starts the second quarter with a 3 from Rhyne Howard and then a jumper for Wildcats to take back the lead, 17-13. Roper fouls, Aggies get both free throws, 17-15.  Chasity Patterson with a layup and Blair Green hits a 3, Wildcats extend the lead to 7, 22-15. Kayla Wells contributes to the Aggies scoring with a 3. Kentucky has extended their lead to 12 as they get 3’s from Sabrina Haines, Blair Green, and Chasity Patterson and they will take the lead into halftime, 33-21.

Kentucky starts the third quarter with a jumper by Tatyana Wyatt, but she fouls and Aggies go to the line, Kayla Wells gets one out of two.  Cats and Aggies go back and forth as Wells with a layup, Roper with a jumper and Rhyne Howard with a jumper as well, 39-27.  Cats are up by 11 as Chasity Patterson gets both of her free throws, 45-34. Aggies go to the line after Nae Nae Cole fouls, N’dea Jones gets both 45-36. Cats back up with an 11 point lead but Kayla Wells cuts it to 9, they will end the quarter with a 49-40 lead.

Rhyne Howard starts the fourth quarter with a jumper and then she hits a 3. Ciera Johnson responds with a jumper, and then Aaliyah Watson follows with a layup. Blair Green hits a 3 but Ciera Johnson responds back with a layup, Rhyne Howard hits a 3 to make it 60-46 for Kentucky. Cats with a 14 point lead with less than a minute to go, 76-52. Kentucky defeats Texas A&M 76-54 to move to 4-1 in SEC and 15-2 overall.

Kentucky travels to LSU on Sunday at 2 p.m Eton SEC Network.

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