Kentucky vs. North Carolina Quad Meet

Kentucky hosted North Carolina, NC State, and Lindenwood at Memorial Coliseum. Kentucky would be the one to win the quad meet with a total of 196.300 to 194.625, 196.425, and 193.300

2NC State194.625


GymnastVaultBarsBeamFloorAll Around
Raina Albores   9.800 
Josie Angeny 9.6009.925  
MacKenzie Harman  8.550  
Mollie Korth9.8259.8259.8259.92539.400
Alaina Kwan9.7509.575   
Megan Monfredi   9.825 
Cally Nixon9.7009.325   
Arianna Patterson9.875    
Haliey Poland  9.8759.775 
Ella Warren9.8009.8259.7759.92539.325
Raena Worley9.8259.8009.8009.92539.350
Team Totals49.07548.62549.20049.400196.300

North Carolina:

GymnastVaultBarsBeamFloorAll Around
Drew Aldridge9.7759.750   
Alexis Allen9.875 9.200  
Jamie Antinori   9.725 
Elizabeth Culton9.6009.8009.9009.77539.075
Lily Dean   9.700 
Grace Donaghy 8.5259.775  
Hannah Nam  9.8009.725 
Mikayla Robinson9.775  9.850 
Sophie Silverstein 8.850   
 S. St. Brice9.675    
Emery Summey 9.6259.625  
 Mekyllah Williams 9.725   
Khazia Hislop9.850 9.8759.875 
Team Totals48.95047.75048.97548.950194.625

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