Lynn Bowden Disrespected by PFF

The national media keeps disrespecting Kentucky and it’s no more evident than after Pro Football Focus listed their top 101 college football players from this past year. The list obviously starts with Joe Burrow and rightfully so but there are a list of guys I’ve never heard of with stats that don’t impress me like Bowden’s last year. He not only led the SEC in rushing (which alone should’ve put him on this list) but he did that in 8 games basically. If he would’ve been the starter at the beginning of the year, he would’ve set records could’ve lasted a long time. He averaged 171 yards a game in those 8 games and if he had those other 5 games with that average that would’ve put his total at 2,224 yards which would make him the all time leader for single season rush yards. He ended this season with 7.9 yards per carry which is the 10th highest since 1956 in the SEC. All that really needs to be said is “Stop disrespecting us because we like that, ya hear?”.

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