The Dragon was a Shooting Star at Kentucky

By now most of BBN knows that Kahlil Whitney has decided to leave the Wildcats program.

First off let me say this, great job BBN of making positive comments on this tweet. Unless they’re hiding the negative ones, 95% of what I saw was positive messages for this kid. We all know that Kentucky isn’t for everyone and this is just one of those cases. For whatever reason, things just never lined up for Whitney to make his mark on the program. He played in 18 games and here is his stats in those games:


Obviously there’s not much jumping out in those stats. The offense Kentucky runs goes through the guards and Nick Richards which plays a part in this whole thing. Just recently we’ve seen Keion Brooks step up and play well but most of his production comes from his effort getting rebounds and attacking without the ball. In other words, effort plays. I’m not saying Whitney didn’t put in the effort but that’s not what the fans saw when he was on the floor.

Kahlil was still a star for the Wildcats without the stats of a top player. Look at the beginning of the year when he showed up at Big Blue Madness looking like the terminator that just collabed with the Migos.

And let’s not forget his dunk contest performance!

His potential is astronomical, we all can see that. Now, where he goes from here and what he chooses to do with his life after making this decision will be interesting to watch. We all wish him the best and can’t wait to see him shine like the star we all know he is.

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