XFL Cats Player Profile: Austin MacGinnis

In this second player profile of the XFL Wildcats we will look at former AAF kicker Austin MacGinnis.

Austin MacGinnis played 4 years at Kentucky from 2014-2017 and was a integral part of the success that Kentucky saw during those seasons. In his first year he hit a 51 yard kick to end up going to overtime with Florida. Kentucky ended up losing that game and the infamous play clock at zero play was partially the reason behind it. The first two years of MacGinnis’ career at Kentucky would see 5-7 records with the program continuing to build towards the bowl game level. In 2016 he would be a big part of getting over that hump. The 3-3 Wildcats went into the Mississippi State game with Mark Stoops job seemingly at stake and MacGinnis may have saved his job and the season with another 51 yarder. The best thing MacGinnis did in his time at Kentucky would have to be in the last regular season game of that 2016 season. Kentucky came into the Louisville bowl eligible for the first time since the 2010 season. Lamar Jackson was the Heisman favorite and ended up winning that honor and he was a huge part of the game. He passed for 281 yards and 2 touchdowns but had 3 interceptions. He also ran the ball for 171 yards and 2 scores BUT he had a key fumble in the redzone that would lead to a game winning drive that cummalted in a MacGinnis 47 yard kick that beat Lamar Jackson and Louisville!!!

Austin went on to have a professional career in the AAF with the Memphis Express and hit some big kicks for them as well. In the 4th week, Memphis won its first game on a 45 yard kick. His overall stats in his professional career to this point include 9 of 11 field goal attempts with no extra points due to the AAF rules. Now, MacGinnis is taking his talents to Dallas and the XFL. He was drafted by the Renegades in phase 5 of the XFL draft which was open to all positions and the first opportunity to draft special teams players. I’d expect him to keep on kicking well and keep making big kicks to win games!

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