Big 12/ SEC Challenge Recap

Big 12: 5

SEC: 5

Iowa St @ Auburn

Auburn lead all during the first half and had a 42-31 lead at the half.  They had several 3’s in the first half and are up to 10 in the second half. Auburn still has the lead and is dominating even with an 11 point lead. Iowa State has it down to 5 with less than a minute left. It’s down the wire with 9 seconds and Auburn at the line and they make both. Auburn gives the SEC their first win in the challenge and defeats Iowa State 80-76.

Missouri @ West Virginia

Missouri had a rough start in the first half against West Virginia but made a comeback in the last few minutes before half time to make it a 24-23 WVU lead. It has been all WVU in the second half as Missouri struggles to score and hasn’t in 6 minutes, Mountaineers on a 23- 2 run over the Tigers. Missouri finally gets back to scoring but it’s still a 20 point lead for WVU. It looks like West Virginia will get one for the Big 12 as they have dominated Missouri all game long. The Mountaineers defeat Missouri 74-48

Mississippi State @ Oklahoma

Oklahoma has an early 5-0 start over the Bulldogs. Mississippi State finally on the board after not scoring but the lead for Oklahoma keeps building, Miss St with a 3. Oklahoma extends their lead to 13 hitting a 3 of their own. Sooners are still dominating this game over Miss St. Bulldogs within 8 but still trailing the Sooners. Oklahoma with a 38-30 lead at the half over MSU. MSU goes on an 8-0 run to tie it up but Oklahoma would answer with a 5-0 run. Bulldogs get it within 2 and tie it up, Oklahoma would respond. We tie up again, but Oklahoma hits a 3 to take the lead back. Mississippi State with their first lead over Oklahoma, after trailing most of the game. Oklahoma takes the lead back but Miss St within one again. Oklahoma gets a win for Big 12, defeating Miss State 63-62.

 LSU @ Texas

 Texas has the lead but LSU keeps it close after just 4 minutes of play. LSU takes the lead but Texas is keeping it close.  LSU with a 42-32 lead at the half over Texas.  It’s been nothing but LSU to start the second half on a 10-7 run over Texas. LSU keeps dominating in the second half but Texas has it within 7 points. Texas goes on a 16-2 run and they take the lead. LSU ties it up at 58-58. Texas takes the lead back over LSU. Tigers tie up after the Sooners had taken the lead. LSU takes the lead back and this has been a crazy game so far. LSU wins it for SEC, 69-67 and we are tied at 2 games apiece.

TCU @ Arkansas

 Arkansas with the lead but TCU takes the over the Hogs after they had lead for several minutes. Arkansas takes the lead back and it just builds. Arkansas will go into the break with a 33-29 lead. Razorbacks still with the lead here in the second half. Razorbacks with the 78-67 win for the SEC.

Oklahoma State @ Texas A &M

 Texas A &M with back to back 3’s to have the lead over Oklahoma St and they keep their lead. Oklahoma State takes over with the lead. We are under a minute left in the first half, Cowboys with a 4 point lead. Cowboys have a 34-26 lead at the half. Oklahoma State is dominating here in the second half. Oklahoma State defeats Texas A &M 73-62

Tennessee @ Kansas

Kansas without two of its players after the fight incident that happened Tuesday night, they start out great against Tennessee and then Tennessee goes ahead only for the Jayhawks to tie it up. Volunteers and Jayhawks are all tied up. Kansas takes the lead with a 3 over Tennessee. Jayhawks with a 37-30 lead at the half. Kansas with a lead over Tennessee in the second half. Kansas wins another for the Big 12 as they defeat Tennessee 74-68.

Kansas State @ Alabama

 We are all tied up at 17 as we have been tied up several times already in this game. Kansas State with the lead. Alabama takes the lead over Kansas State, 31-30. We are tied up again at 33. Kansas State led Alabama at the half 37-36. Alabama takes over with the lead 45-41. Crimson Tide still with the lead, but the Wildcats are within two. Crimson Tide with 72-69 lead and looking close this game out with a win. Alabama defeats Kansas State 77-74

Kentucky @ Texas Tech

Immanuel Quickley gives Kentucky a 3-0 start and Texas Tech gets on the board.  They go back and forth and we are tied at 10-10. Texas Tech takes their first lead on free throws but Ashton Hagans with a layup shot to tie it up and then a dunk to take back the lead. Texas Tech ties it up and then they take the lead. Nick Richards makes both free throws but Texas Tech responds with a layup shot. Kentucky back with the lead, 23-22. Nick Richards with a dunk and then two free throws keeps the Cats with the lead, but Texas Tech not far behind. Texas Tech takes the lead back, 28-27. Kentucky with the lead again with a jump shot from Immanuel Quickley and a layup from Nick Richards has the Cats up 31-28. Texas Tech takes the lead with less than a minute left in the 1st half. Immanuel Quickley with a half court shot to give the Wildcats a 36-34 lead at the half. Texas Tech starts the second half by tying it up, Richards tries to get a shot but he fouls and goes to the line for two, He misses the first but makes the second. EJ Montgomery at the line and he makes both free throws. Wildcats with a 9 point lead, 50-41 over the Red Raiders. Texas Tech cut the 10 point lead down to five, 50-45. Red Raiders get within 5 again and Johnny Juzang answers with a 3. Quickley at the line for two, he misses the first and gets the second, 59-50. Texas Tech has it within one after goal tend 62-61. We are tied at 63-63 and no one can seem to score. Nick Richards at the line he misses the first, but makes the second. Going into overtime with the game tied at 64-64. Nick Richards starts overtime on free throws and he makes both, he makes a layup shot and gets a free throw. Nate Sestina adds to the score for the Cats to have a 72-70 game. Tied up again in overtime, Kentucky defeats Texas Tech 76-74 in overtime for the SEC to clinch another win.

Baylor @ Florida

It has been all Florida in the first half but Baylor makes a comeback to have the lead, 30-27. Baylor trailed but they came back in the first half to have a 40-29 halftime lead. It still has been all Baylor but Florida is trying to come back here in the second half.  Baylor defeats Florida 72-62 for the Big 12 and SEC to tie at 5 games apiece.

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