NBA Cats Stats Week 14

Let’s start out by talking about the biggest news in the NBA this year, Kobe Bryant passed away yesterday and the shock and emotion of the world has left most sports fans in disbelief. The tragedy was not only that the world lost Kobe but the fact that 7 others, including his daughter also perished. I was not a fan of Kobe but their was definitely respect for his game. The NBA going forward this season will undoubtedly be a tribute to Bryant and I would totally expect Lebron and the Lakers to play with a fire that won’t be put out. Let’s get the Cats stats:


Eric BledsoeW29742
Enes KanterW2418110
Bam AdebayoW4016115
Tyler HerroW17602
PJ WashingtonL351971
Malik MonkL222012
De’Aaron FoxL381428
Julius RandleW271991
Kevin KnoxW15560
Anthony DavisL23942
Rajon RondoL201323
Trey LylesW21252
Devin BookerL393775
Shai Gilgeous-AlexanderW3913101
Hamidou DialloW13613
Karl-Anthony TownsL352885
Willie Cauley-SteinL321273


Patrick PattersonW4000


Enes KanterW191383
Patrick PattersonL7221
Bam AdebayoW34682
Tyler HerroW332532
De’Aaron FoxL302233
Julius RandleL351886
Kevin KnoxL11500
Anthony DavisW302855
Rajon RondoW18813
Jarred VanderbiltL8210
Trey LylesW16530
Devin BookerL311623
Shai Gilgeous-AlexanderW3818121
Hamidou DialloW18431
Nerlens NoelW301470
Karl-Anthony TownsL314062
Willie Cauley-SteinL14242


Anthony DavisW2716112
Rajon RondoW237410


Eric BledsoeW312035
Patrick PattersonW131210
Bam AdebayoL381889
Tyler HerroL401940
PJ WashingtonL20303
Malik MonkL343144
De’Aaron FoxW251867
Julius RandleL3420112
Kevin KnoxL11221
Jarred VanderbiltW4010
Trey LylesL19380
Devin BookerW4135410
Shai Gilgeous-AlexanderW372436
Hamidou DialloW28991
Nerlens NoelW251080
Karl-Anthony TownsL3820123


Anthony DavisL383172
Rajon RondoL15214
Shai Gilgeous-AlexanderW341172
Hamidou DialloW2210100
Karl-Anthony TownsL353786


Trey LylesL6000
Devin BookerL393625

Our Week 14 MVP is Devin Booker – 31 ppg, 3.8 rpg, and 5.8 apg this week.

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