13 Kentucky defeats Missouri after rough start

Kentucky travels to take on Missouri but they will be without star sophomore player Rhyne Howard who is out till mid-February with a fractured finger on her left hand.

Missouri starts things off with a 4-0 early start as Kentucky figures out how to play without Rhyne Howard. Sabrina Haines gets Kentucky on the board after a 5-0 run by Missouri. Amanda Paschal adds to the Wildcats score and we have a 5-4 game. Kentucky takes the lead with a basket by Sabrina Haines. Wildcats on an 11-0 run and they have an 11-5 lead over Missouri. Lady Tigers without a field goal in the last nine minutes but they get two free throws for the Cats to have an 11-7 lead after one quarter.

Kentucky starts the second quarter on a bucket and free throw after Tatyana Wyatt scored and a Missouri player fouled. Kentucky with another bucket and another to extend their lead going on a 7-0 run to have an 18-7 lead. Missouri finally gets some points in the second quarter but Kentucky keeps up their lead, 24-11. Wildcats will go into halftime with a 34-17 lead over Missouri.

Missouri start the third quarter with a bucket, Kentucky responds with a 3 pointer from Blair Green. Missouri with a big three, but they still trail 42-25. Kentucky ends the quarter with a 47-31 lead.

Kentucky starts the quarter with a basket and free throw from Sabrina Haines, Missouri gets two free throws of their own, 50-33. Kentucky has not scored since the start of the quarter and Missouri has gone on a 6-0 run, Amanda Paschal finally gets some points for the Wildcats ending their scoring drought. Wildcats lead 54-39 with less than five in the fourth quarter. Kentucky will get the win over Missouri 62-47 after a rough start in the first quarter.

Kentucky will host Florida this Sunday at Memorial Coliseum at 1 p.m. ET on SEC Network

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