Kentucky bounces back with win over Alabama

Kentucky looks to bounce back after a loss to Florida. They host Alabama at Memorial tonight in hopes of doing that.

Alabama starts the game off with a 3 pointer, and Kentucky answers with a layup, 3-2. Alabama with the lead but Kentucky takes it with a jumper from Chasity Patterson, 6-5.  Alabama takes it back but Kentucky gets it back on free throws from Blair Green. Kentucky gets back to back 3 pointers from Sabrina Haines and Kentucky ends the first quarter with a 14-10 lead over Alabama.

Alabama starts the second quarter with free throws and a jumper to tie it up at 14-14. Back and forth with baskets for Kentucky and Alabama till Kentucky takes over with a 3 from Chasity Patterson. Another back and forth between the two teams, Kentucky goes into the break with a 31-27 lead.

Kentucky starts the third quarter off and then they back and forth all quarter but Kentucky keeps the lead the entire quarter and eventually get the win, 66-62.

Kentucky travels to Fayetteville to take on Arkansas at 4 p.m. on ESPN2.

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