Arkansas defeats Kentucky with 3 pointers

15th ranked Kentucky gets Rhyne Howard back as they take on 25th ranked Arkansas in the Play for Kay game here in Fayetteville.

Ogechi Anyagaligbo gets Kentucky on the board first after Rhyne Howard attempts a one handed shot, Arkansas with a 3 to answer Kentucky. Sabrina Haines with 3, Arkansas with a layup and we are tied up at 5 early in the first quarter. Rhyne Howard gets her first points of the game, KeKe McKinney with a 3 for the Cats to have a 10-7 lead. Arkansas is keeping it close as the Cats have a 14-13 lead. Arkansas takes the lead with a 3, 16-14.  Kentucky takes the lead back and closes the first quarter out with a 21-19 lead.

Arkansas ties it up to start the second quarter, but Kentucky takes the lead. Arkansas within one and they take the lead with a free throw and a 3, 27-23.Arkansas with another and they are up 30-23. Kentucky has only scored 2 points so far.  Kentucky finally gets some points ending their scoring drought, 33-29. Arkansas with the lead going into the break, 38-35.

Rhyne Howard starts the third quarter for Kentucky but Arkansas with a 46-40 lead over Kentucky. Razorbacks still have the lead, 49-40. Arkansas continues to add to their lead over Kentucky, 61-48. Arkansas has been dominating Kentucky ever since they took the lead before the break and are on an 11-0 run. Kentucky cuts the 17 point lead to 15 but goes up to 18 after a 3 from Arkansas. Rhyne Howard with a 3 and Arkansas responds with a 3. Arkansas with a 71-54 lead after three quarters. Arkansas scored 33 points in just the third quarter.

Kentucky starts the fourth quarter on a 7-0 run so far, 71-61. Arkansas finally gets some points on free throws. Arkansas with their 12th three of the game, 76-61.Arkansas dominates in the fourth quarter as well. Arkansas defeats Kentucky 103-85 handing them their 5th loss of the season.

Kentucky hosted Miss State next Sunday at 5 p.m. ET on ESPN2

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