Kentucky trailed but comes back in third inning to defeat App State

Kentucky looks to continue the series with a win. Kentucky leads 2-0 in the series against Appalachian State.

App State with an early lead over Kentucky as they scored in the top of the 2nd. Jaren Shelby with a two run Big Blue Bomb for the Cats to take the lead in the 2nd, 2-1. Mountaineers re-take the lead in the third on a score and two-run home run, 4-2. Kentucky scores two in the third to tie it up at 4-4. Kentucky gets a run in to take the lead, 5-4.  Kentucky scores two more runs to have a 7-4 lead in the third. John Rhodes doubles and he scores in Jaren Shelby and Colton Kessler, Wildcats with a 9-4. Wildcats have scored 7 runs in the third inning after trailing 4-2.  Big Blue Bomb for Elliot Curtis, he scores in John Rhodes and M. Golda to give the Cats a 12-4 lead. 10 runs in the third. Kentucky scores just one in the fourth to have a 13-4 lead.  Elliot Curtis gets scored in, Trae Harmon with a Big Blue Bomb to score in TJ Collett and Oraj Anu; Wildcats are up 17-4 in the fifth. Brayden Daniel singles Elliot Curtis scores for the Cats, 18-4 lead. T. Holden is hit by a pitch advancing him to first, Zeke Lewis to third, Cam Hill to second, Brayden Daniel scores. Jaren Shelby reaches first on a fielder’s choice. Kentucky scores 4 more runs in the seventh, 21-4. Kentucky trailed 4-2 in the top of the 3rd inning but scored 19 runs from the third, fourth, fifth, and seventh inning.

Final Kentucky 21, App State 4

Kentucky looks to sweep Appalachian State tomorrow at 1 p.m. ET

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