1 South Carolina defeats Kentucky for series sweep

Kentucky has a big game as they take on Number 1 ranked South Carolina at Memorial Coliseum

Kentucky starts it with a 3 by KeKe McKinney and would have a lead until they lead by one, 9-8. South Carolina with jumper and they take the lead but Kentucky takes it right back with a jumper of their own, 11-10. Kentucky with the lead again but South Carolina comes right behind us to take it right back after they tie it up 14-14.  South Carolina would take the lead for the rest of the 1st quarter as they build up their score as Kentucky stays at 14. South Carolina ends the first quarter with a 27-14 lead.

Back and forth in the beginning of the second inning but once again South Carolina takes over but Kentucky gets points here and there but South Carolina dominates  and has a 40-30 lead at the half.

It’s a dominating quarter in the third by South Carolina as well and they will take the W as they defeat Kentucky 67-58.

Kentucky hosts Georgia for Senior Night at 7 p.m. ET on SEC Network+

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