Kentucky shuts out DePaul

Kentucky shuts out DePaul to close out the Samford Tournament 4-1 and a 12-3 record, the best start to the season since 2014.

Kentucky gets on the board in the first inning as Alex Martens drives in Bailey Vick for the 1-0 Wildcat lead. Wildcats tack on two more in the third inning as Miranda Stoddard scores on a DePaul error and Jaci Babbs scores on a wild pitch, 3-0. Another run in the fourth makes it a 4-0 Kentucky lead after Renee Abernathy ground-outs to right but she scores in Lauren Johnson. A SAC fly in the fifth makes it 5-0. Four more runs in the sixth makes it a 9-0 Kentucky lead and they win defeating DePaul.

Final Kentucky 9, DePaul 0

Kentucky travels to Orlando to take on Central Florida Thursday at 6 p.m. ET

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