Kentucky defeats Texas A &M; Quickley with season high 30 points in 8 three pointers

Kentucky traveled down to College Station to take on the Texas A&M.

Texas A&M scores first but Kentucky is right behind them.  Aggies with a 3 pointer to keep the lead, 5-2. Nick Richards with a dunk, but Aggies get a 3. Immanuel Quickley with back to back threes for Kentucky to give them the lead, 10-8. They go back and forth but Kentucky maintains the lead, 26-17. Immanuel Quickley with another 3 and its 29-22. Aggies scores and its 29-24. Nate Sestina with a 3 for Kentucky and EJ Montgomery with a bucket for a 36-25 Wildcats lead. Kentucky goes into the half with a 36-27 lead.

Kentucky starts things in the second half with a bucket by Tyrese Maxey. Immanuel Quickley with a 3, Aggies respond with one of their own. Immanuel Quickley has 7 three pointers and 25 points. Wildcats have a 50-38 lead.  Tyrese Maxey with another 3 and it’s a 55-42 Kentucky lead. Maxey with a bucket, but Aggies get a 3 and it’s a 10 point game, 57-47. Aggies with a 3 to make it a 7 point game, 57-50. Quickley with his 8th three pointer of the night, the score is 62-53 and Immanuel has 30 points. Kentucky defeats Texas A &M 69-60.

Kentucky hosts Auburn this Saturday at 3:45 p.m. ET on CBS.

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