Kentucky closes home schedule with win over Georgia

Kentucky hosts Georgia for their senior night and their last home game of the 2020 season. Tonight we honor our five seniors: Jaida Roper, Sabrina Haines, Amanda Paschal, Nae Nae Cole, and Ogechi Anyagaligbo. Kentucky is coming off a loss to the number 1 ranked team South Carolina.

Georgia is in the board first with a 3 by Gabby Connally, Ogechi responds with a 2 to get Kentucky on the board. Kentucky takes the lead with a layup by Ogechi, 4-3. Bulldogs tie it up, then take the lead and get it to 7-4 before Rhyne Howard hits a 3 to tie it up; a 3 by KeKe McKinney put the Cats up by one. Maya Caldwell cuts it to just one, but Harlan County’s Blair Green hits a 3 for the Cats to be up by 4. Back and forth between the Cats and Bulldogs till Kentucky has a 22-20 lead after one quarter.

Back to back three pointers from Rhyne Howard and the Cats are up 28-20. Ogechi with a layup, but Shaniya Jones answers with a 3. Back to back three’s from Sabrina Haines and the Cats are up by 11, 36-25. Jaida Roper with a 3 point play in free throws. Kentucky builds points on free throws; Kentucky is up 43-27. Back and forth again, Kentucky is up 49-37. Sabrina Haines with a jumper, Georgia with a layup. Gabby Connally with a 3 pointer. Kentucky with a 53-46 lead at the half.

Kentucky starts the third quarter off with free throws, Georgia with a layup, 55-48. Two more free throws for the Cats and a layup from KeKe McKinney, 59-48 Kentucky. With less than a minute in the third Kentucky is up 67-58. Kentucky has a 7 point lead after three, 67-60.  10 minutes left in Kentucky’s last home game of the season.

Georgia starts the fourth with a layup, Ogechi with a layup of her own.  Maya Caldwell with a jumper, Rhyne Howard gets a jumper and two free throws. Georgia with a layup, Rhyne Howard with a jumper, Wildcats with a 75-66 advantage. Kentucky up by 11, but Georgia cuts to just with free throws. KeKe McKinney with the THREE for the Cats, 80-68. Rhyne Howard follows with a layup then a free throw. Maya Caldwell with a jumper, Rhyne Howard with two more free throws, 85-70. Jaida Roper with a 3, Gabby Connally responds back with a 3 as well. Kentucky looks to close this one out with a win. Kentucky closes out their  last home game with a win, 88-77 over Georgia.

Kentucky closes out their regular season traveling to Nashville to take on Vanderbilt this Sunday at 2:05 p.m. ET on SEC Whiparound, or you can catch the full game on SEC Network+