Kentucky defeats FIU, starts Spring Games 2-0

Kentucky closes out the first day of the Spring Games taking on Florida International.

Kentucky starts the first inning with two runs, Mallory Peyton doubles to left center and she scores in Alex Martens and Bailey Vick. Kentucky 2, FIU 0.

Kayla Kowalik singles and scores in Renee Abernathy. Alex Martens singles out to center field and Kayla Kowalik and Jaci Babbs score in the second inning. Kentucky 5, FIU 0.

Lauren Johnson with a home run in the third and Kayla Kowalik triples to center field to score in Jaci Babbs and Gabi Deters.  FIU gets their only run in the third. Kentucky 8, FIU 1.

Mallory Peyton with a home run in the seventh, Miranda Stoddard reaches first on a fielder’s choice, Lauren Johnson scores, Bailey Vick singles to left center field and Miranda Stoddard and Gabi Deters score, Rylea Smith triples to right field and Bailey Vick and Kayla Kowalik score, Alex Martens doubles to right and Rylea Smith scores, and Mallory Peyton ends the top of the seventh with a home run and she scores in Alex Martens.

Final Kentucky 17, FIU 1

Kentucky closes out Day 1 2-0 and they take on Western Michigan at 1:30 and Detroit Mercy at 4 tomorrow.

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