Kentucky run rules Loyola Chicago in 6 innings

Kentucky is participating in the 2020 Spring Games out in Florida; they take on Loyola Chicago first.

Kentucky scores first in the second inning as Mallory Peyton scores on an RBI by Renee Abernathy to put the Cats up 1-0. Bailey Vick doubles it to 2-0 off a stolen base and Loyola error. Loyola gets on the board with a home run, Kentucky 2, Loyola 1. Kayla Kowalik triples for another Kentucky run, Kentucky 3-1. Rylea Smith with a double to LCF and she scores in Bailey. Home run for Alex Martens that makes it a 6-1 Wildcat lead. Ramblers score to make it 6-2. Bailey Vick clears the bases to add three more runs and then Alex Martens walks it off with an RBI single. Kentucky wins 10-2 in six innings.

Kentucky closes out tonight taking on Florida International at 6 p.m. ET

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