Kentucky run rules Detroit Mercy; set new school record with 22 runs

Kentucky closes out Day 2 taking on Detroit Mercy.

Rylea Smith with a RBI double and Kentucky is on the board in the first, 2-0. Wildcats double their score to end the first, 4-0.

Kentucky adds three more in the second with RBIs from Rylea Smith and Alex Martens. Emmy Blane adds three more for the Cats; they are up 10-0.

Mallory Peyton with a two-run single in the third to the Wildcat lead. Lauren Johnson with a double into left field and she score in Alex Martens and Mallory Peyton. Kentucky 15, DMU 0.

Kentucky ties the school record for runs in a single game and the Cats are up 18-0. Emmy Blane breaks that record and the Cats lead 19-0 in the fifth. Kentucky scores 3 more to make it 22-0.

Kentucky wins it 22-0 in five innings.

Kentucky closes out the Spring Games tomorrow taking on Darmouth at 11:35 a.m. ET

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