Kentucky storm back from 18 to defeat Florida 71-70.

Kentucky has a first time line up this season as they are without Ashton Hagans who did not travel with fellow freshman Tyrese Maxey, sophomores Immanuel Quickley and EJ Montgomery, and junior Nick Richards. Kentucky closes out their regular season taking on Florida in Gainesville; the Wildcats defeated Florida in Lexington on February 22, 65-59. Can the Cats do it again without Ashton Hagans?

Florida with an early 7-0 lead, Kentucky gets on the board with a basket by Nick Richards. Gators score again, but the Wildcats have cut into the lead as Quickley scores 4 for the Cats as it is 9-6.  Nate Sestina with a 3 pointer for the Cats, 11-9. Florida keeps the lead as they are up 22-11 with back to back 3 pointers among the baskets. Immanuel Quickley with a 3, Florida with a 3 of their own, 25-14.  EJ Montgomery with a basket for the Cats and Maxey with two free throws and Nate Sestina gets two, but a Keion Brooks foul send the Gators to the line where they get two more to make it 27-20. Keion Brooks with a 3, Wildcats down 27-38 and Johnny Juzang with a 3, but Florida goes into the halftime with a 40-30 lead. Kentucky needs to get it together for the second half.

Nick Richards gives the Cats and then a 3 pointer by Immanuel Quickley, but Florida responds with one as well, 43-35. Gators up by ten after a technical called on Coach Calipari. Kentucky is not having the best of luck in this as Florida is out scoring, out-playing, and just want it more with a 59-43 lead. 3 pointer by Tyrese Maxey makes it 60-48. Back to back 3 pointers from Keion Brooks and Johnny Juzang as they try to keep the Cats in this fight, 64-54. Kentucky has come back to make it a 3 point game, 68-65. We have a one point game but once again the Gators make it 3 point game. Wildcats with the lead after a tap in by EJ Montgomery and the Wildcats win after storming back from 18 down, 71-70.

Kentucky gets a double bye in the SEC Tournament and the #1 seed and will play Friday

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