SEC Tournament: Mississippi State to face South Carolina after defeating Kentucky

Kentucky gets by Tennessee yesterday and they face Mississippi State in the semifinals, the winner to take on #1 South Carolina in the championship.

Kentucky on the board first with a basket by Rhyne Howard. Rhyne Howard so far has all of Kentucky points, as she hits a 3 and then so does KeKe McKinney, 10-4. 3 pointer by Blair Green, and the Cats with a 15-8 lead. Chasity Patterson with a bucket and that makes it 17-8. Kentucky closes out the 1st quarter with a 22-12 lead.

Lady Bulldogs with a 6-0 lead but the Wildcats lead 22-18. Wildcats finally score but the Bulldogs had it down to just two, 24-20. They get tied up at 30-30. Mississippi State with the lead after 2 free throws. Kentucky will go into the half with a 35-32 with a buzzer beater 3 from Chasity Patterson after being tied up.

Kentucky scores first in the third quarter, Miss State will tie it up at 37-37. Rhyne Howard with another basket to break up the tie but Bulldogs ties it up again. Mississippi State takes the lead 41-39. Bulldogs will have a 52-47 in the third.

Miss St starts the fourth with free throws and then a bucket all by Rickea Jackson. Bulldogs still with the lead with less than 5 minutes, 65-56. Mississippi State defeats Kentucky 77-59 to face South Carolina tomorrow

The Wildcats run in the SEC Tournament will come to an end as they lose to Mississippi State. The women’s NCAA selection show is March 16.

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