Big Blue Nation has Love for Ashton Hagans and it Showed in his Absence

Today was the last game of the regular season, a road game and no Ashton Hagans. (Our quarterback, so to speak) and Big Blue Nation knows all to well what it’s like to play without a quarterback. (SMH)

Back to the hardwood, Kentucky didn’t look so hot today and there were a lot of fans very displeased. (It’s not over until it’s over) and with about 12 minutes to play Kentucky made their move to come back from an eighteen point deficit. But this isn’t an article about Kentucky’s amazing comeback. No, this is about the love Big Blue Nation has for Ashton Hagans.

Ashton didn’t make the trip to Florida with the team due to personal reasons and Big Blue Nation was very concerned. After a live IG video by Hagans surfaced, showing Hagans cheering and going wild for his team, BBN lit up!

Ashton, Big Blue Nation loves you!

Nick Richards….

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