Kentucky defeats WKU to close out home stand before SEC play opening weekend

Kentucky hosts in state, WKU at Kentucky Proud Park in Lexington. These two teams played each other twice last season, first in Lexington where Kentucky defeated WKU 15-0 and later in Bowling Green, where Kentucky took the series with a 15-4 win.

 John Rhodes singles and Kentucky gets a run in the 3rd inning, 1-0. Ray Zuberer with a home run and the Hilltoppers take the lead in the in the 4th, 2-1. Kentucky takes the lead with 3 runs, 4-2 Wildcats. Kentucky scores 3 in the sixth, Wildcats with a 7-2 after six innings. Breyden Daniels with a double into left field with bases loaded, he scores in 3 to give the Cats a 10-2 lead in the seventh.

Kentucky defeats WKU 10-4 to close out their homestand, they travel to Vanderbilt to open up SEC play this Friday through Sunday.

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