Kentucky vs. Syracuse 1996 National Title 4/1/1996

Kentucky takes on Syracuse in the 1996 National Title game on April 1, 1996 in the Meadowlands.

Tony Delk had missed a few shots early on in the game. But with two 3 pointers the Cats lead the Orange early 8-4. Kentucky forces a turnover Delk with a chance at a layup but he gives it to Derek Anderson for points for the Cats, 14-10. A steal by Kentucky leads to a run out dunk by Ron Mercer for the Cats to have a 28-25 lead. Six three pointers from Tony Delk and he gives us a 42-33 lead at the half.

Tony Delk with a 3 and free throws and the Cats with a 58- 46 lead over Syracuse.  The Orange just won’t go away as they get within 4 within less than 6 minutes to go in the second half. A big 3 in the  corner by Derek Anderson  and he gives the Cats a 69-62 lead. Kentucky defeats Syracuse  76-67 to win their sixth national title.

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