NCAA makes decision on additional year for spring and winter sports

 Several weeks ago our world was changed when many of our beloved sports were just taken away from us amongst this pandemic.  NBA season suspended until who knows when, the remainder of the spring sports cancelled, the remainder of the men’s SEC Tournament cancelled, and both of the men and women’s NCAA Tournament cancelled before it ever got to start.

The NCAA had been talking about granting the spring sports and possibly winter sports senior another year since their seasons were cut short and there was no post season play. When Nate Sestina got word that they were possibly thinking of doing this, he told Coach Calipari that he would be coming back to Kentucky.

They made that decision today; spring sport senior will be granted another year but our winter sport seniors are that lucky as they decided to not grant them another year of eligibility since their season was completed. That means that we will not be getting Nate Sestina for another year.

I just want to say a big thank you to Nate Sestina for choosing to come to Kentucky and play your grad year there. Thank you for your leadership on and off the court. You will always have a place in the hearts of Big Blue Nation.

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